Removable prostheses

What is a removable prosthesis

These prosthetic dentistry treatments help replace the dental absences and periodontal tissues that the patient (especially the elderly) has lost in their mouth.

In addition to recovering the functionality of the patient’s teeth (laughing, talking, eating…) the removable dentures also prevent the teeth that the patient still conserves in good condition from moving.

A removable denture is a metal structure with several artificial teeth fixed on its sides. For a better fixation, removable dentures are anchored to the teeth that the patient still keeps in its mouth by means of metallic fasteners.

Diagonal Dent - Prótesis removibles
Diagonal Dent - Prótesis removibles

Removable prosthetic types


The elaboration of these complete prostheses, both the upper and the lower, consists of several steps that must be performed with meticulousness and great precision, this is because it has to fit perfectly to the gums. Often, these gums have lost a lot of its base as a result of the extractions being old, so they have lost bone height and width, making it difficult to grip the prosthesis to its base.


Provisional dental prostheses are always made of resin, either acrylic or composite, because their elaboration is faster and less expensive for the patient. The resin prosthesis is not a fixed denture, it is removable, which means you can remove and put on your denture yourself.


The removable denture is used when the patient needs to replace one or more teeth, and the skeleton of the prosthesis is fixed by hooks on the patient’s adjacent healthy teeth.

As it is removable, the patient has to remove it daily to clean it. You must have a careful hygiene, both from the mouth and the prosthesis if we want to keep it in good condition.


Removable prostheses transfer forces to the teeth, gums and bone, requiring an adapting time, the duration of which varies by person and prosthetics (usually several weeks).

In the end, you will surely not be aware of wearing prosthetics, but you need to be patient and, during this period of adaptation, go to the consultation to make the necessary adaptations and corrections.

Diagonal Dent - Cuidado de las prótesis removibles