Dental implants

Treatment with dental implants: What is it?

Dental implants restore lost teeth through an intervention that involves the placement of osseointegrated implants (artificial roots).

For dental implants to fulfill their replacement function of your natural teeth, three elements are needed:

Implant fixation: it is the dental implant itself.

Transepithelial pillar: is the part of the fixation that protrudes from the gum and connects the implant to the crown.

Crown: is the prosthesis that is mounted on the implant, and that must replace the natural tooth.

Diagonal Dent - Implantes dentales

Next-generation dental implants

A dental implant is a screw-shaped titanium component that replaces the root of a natural tooth. Placed on the dental implant, the crown or prosthesis that will physically be equal to the natural tooth.

In DiagonalDent dental clinic we use cutting-edge technology to make a dental implant work, look, and feel, like a conventional tooth.

We work with the dental implants brand Astra Tech, which give us a very good success rate. Our experienced surgeons and prosthodontists will budget your treatment without commitment, and will explain to you what a dental implant treatment is and what is the methodology followed in our dental clinic.

Unlike other dental clinics, DiagonalDent takes care of its patients by working only with the best material on the market, and with the best dental implants. In many cases patients do not compare the quality of the treatments with the price that has been budgeted for them. We believe this is an error, since regularly the price is strictly linked to the material being used. For this reason at the DiagonalDent dental clinic we inform our customers of the material that will be used, delivering documentation of the dental implants.

Diagonal Dent - Implantes dentales


The unit dental implant is one of the best solutions that exist nowadays to replace the loss of a tooth. It is a small titanium piece of biocompatible material that is inserted into the bone through surgery.


Overdentures or removable dentures on dental implants are made of resin metal that allows an excellent aesthetic finish, resistance of the prosthesis and convenience, as it can be removed by the patient himself for cleaning and hygiene
Diagonal Dent - Implantes dentales
Diagonal Dent - Implantes dentales


These are complete arched dentures that are fixed with bolts or cemented on six or eight osseointegrated implants.

There are also those of unit implants that are on an implant, and those of replacing several teeth that would be a bridge, on two implants. They fulfill the biommechanical functions of the natural roots of the teeth.

They are 100% personalized, and the most common are metal-ceramic, with a material very similar to porcelain. Crowns made of zirconium, a ceramic material almost as hard as diamonds allow for an even more natural look and greater wear resistance.


Dental implants should be taken care of properly as, to a great extent, a good outcome of the treatment depends on the patients care.
Diagonal Dent - Implantes dentales