Conservative dentistry

What is Conservative Dentistry?

Conservative dentistry is the set of treatments that provide the necessary means to preserve natural teeth and prevent the removal of damaged teeth.

To keep teeth healthy and functional for as long as possible, DiagonalDent is committed to minimally invasive treatments so to extend the life of the affected dental parts.

Conservative dentistry typically deals with the restoration of hard tooth tissues that have been destroyed by:

  • Cavities
  • Trauma
  • Disruptions in the development
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Conservative dentistry treatments

We are specialists in conservative dentistry in Barcelona. We have the most innovative dental procedures in the sector and plan each treatment to measure.

Here are some of the most handy protocols within this dental specialty:

Diagonal Dent - Odontología Conservadora


Professional dental cleaning is part of our periodontics treatments, but it is also important on a preventive and conservative level.

In our dental clinic we are committed to perform quality oral prophylaxis on a regular basis. These types of approaches are very simple and help us remove tartar, bacterial plaque and stains from the teeth.

Keep in mind that dental tartar can only be removed by performing a tartrectomy, also called dental prophylaxis, which involves the use of ultrasound, which emits vibrations and pressured water, which help us break and take off the calculus from the dental surface.


Dental reconstruction is one of the most common procedures of those performed in dentistry and may involve repair of the tooth damaged by fracture, wear, cavities… with the aim of recovering dental anatomy and all its functionality.

Dental filling is a dental procedure for removing cavities. First, the hole caused by cavities is cleaned, an engraving is made on the enamel and an adhesive is applied to support the filling material. It is is applied in layers and hardened by applying halogen light. The filling material will be molded in order to return its original shape to the tooth and, with this, regain its functionality. The process ends by polishing the dental filling to give it shine.

A resin material (composite) is used to perform the reconstruction, which allows to recover the original appearance of the tooth, even in its color. The materials currently used are ceramic and composite materials. The disadvantage is that despite its aesthetic achievement, the duration of the dental filling is shorter: a maximum of 10 years. They are commonly used in the front teeth. These materials are also used to mask tooth defects (differences in size, separation, etc.) and color alterations.

Diagonal Dent - Odontología Conservadora
Diagonal Dent - Odontología Conservadora


An endodontic treatment is performed when the tooth has very deep cavities that affect the nerve of the tooth. In this case the procedure is to clean well the cavities and all the nerve ducts of the tooth.

Once the ducts are cleaned, they are filled with gutta-percha and cement, in order to isolate them from any external agent. When the ducts are covered, the tooth is reconstructed, as if it were cavities.

This treatment helps to keep the infected tooth, rather than removing it and replacing it with an implanted one, reducing the cost of the treatment.

The DiagonalDent dental clinic recommends that after a root canal, a sheath is placed to protect the tooth from possible fractures, thus increasing the life of the tooth.

If you feel pain, you may have deep cavities, which affects the nerve, and it will be resolved by visiting your dentist and performing a root-based treatment on the affected tooth.

How to brush your teeth?

To perform a good brushing you have to brush your teeth in vertical movements, starting with the gum, from below and out, as if you were sweeping, both the outside and the inside of the tooth. Followed by brushing the dental grooves and molars, the teeth we use to chew, with a swirling motion. The brush fibers need to penetrate through all the folds in this area, to prevent food scraps from staying there, and bacteria from starting to cause cavities.

Once brushing is complete, clean the dental cervix (neck of the tooth) and also the space between teeth; to do this, it is sometimes necessary to clean the interdental spaces, where the brush cannot reach. In this case, you’ll need to use dental floss to clean between your teeth, or an interproximal tooth brush.

Once this whole process is complete, don’t forget to brush your tongue.

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