Fixed prosthesis

Fixed prosthesis: What is it?

Fixed dentures are those that are attached to the patient’s mouth permanently and therefore cannot be removed.

Unlike removable ones, the patient does not need to remove them to clean them and has no problem with leaking of food scraps.

Also, when fully fixed, they do not need to go through a period of adaptation, as is the case, for example, with the more traditional removable dentures, which can be uncomfortable for the first few days when speaking.

Diagonal Dent - Prótesis fijas
Diagonal Dent - Prótesis fijas

Types of fixed prosthetics


There are two types of Crowns: the Metal-Ceramic Crown and the Zirconium Aesthetic Crown.

In the Metal-Ceramic Crown its inner part is made of metal, and the outer part is coated with porcelain giving a more natural look to the new tooth.

Zirconium Aesthetic Crowns are the most aesthetic we can find to restore teeth. Being made entirely of zirconium, they will never lose their color and we will choose the most suitable tone for the patient. Zirconium is a totally biocompatible material with the body so the patient will not have an allergic rejection or any gum inflammation caused due to the material.


Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain, which are placed covering the anterior surface of the teeth, and joined with a special cement. This treatment is usually done to: correct stains of color of teeth that cannot be solved with a whitening treatment, for diastema closure, correcting the tooth shape and achieving a more aesthetic look, and to conceal alterations in size or tooth shapes achieving a more aesthetic look.


A fixed dental bridge is a type of denture that rests on healthy teeth that the patient still keeps in its mouth. Normally, fixed partial prostheses (as they are also called) replace adjacent missing teeth which were together in the patient’s mouth. Along with dental implants, these fixed partial prostheses are the best solution for people who have lost one or more natural teeth.


To achieve proper functioning, you must carefully follow the use and maintenance instructions provided at the clinic, which will facilitate the utilization of the prosthetic elements of your treatment and extend their duration under appropriate conditions.
Diagonal Dent - Cuidado de las prótesis fijas