Orthodontics: What is it?

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that studies, prevents, and corrects, the alterations of development, the shapes of the tooth arches, and the position of the jaws, in order to restore the morphological and functional balance of the mouth and face, also improving facial aesthetics.

The goal of orthodontics is the mobility of the teeth seeking their occlusal normalization (the chewing surface) or the displacement of the entire dental set (dental arch), above all, to correct functional disorders of chewing. Occlusion is based on the contact relationships between the teeth of the different arches (i.e. between the upper and lower teeth).

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Orthodontics seeks the balance of all components of the chewing apparatus and achieves this by applying controlled forces on the teeth to place them in an optimal position. DiagonalDent is a dental clinic specialized in child and adult orthodontics.

Our highly qualified specialists will carry out a study of your treatment, so that you know exactly what could be done to you, always offering you the best treatments to your needs, and also the best alternatives.

At Diagonal Dent we carry out a first free consultation, where we will analyze your case and propose an estimate with no commitment.

Types of orthodontics:

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This type of orthodontic uses fixed and removable braces that help maintain or alter the space between the teeth directly affecting the bones, i.e. the jaws, which support the teeth.

They usually are braces that gradually expand to help set the jaw to a suitable position to prevent dental crowding and other problems in the future with permanent teeth.

This is the type of orthodontic used in children. This treatment is started in primary or mixed teething and is performed to improve dental and skeletal development prior to the eruption of permanent teeth.


This type of orthodontic applies when the orthodontic problem or malocclusion has already been established and altered the normal course of the oral complex.

These can be a deformation of the shape of the dental arc or alterations in function, usually used in young people and adults, who seek to correct problems of function, health and/or aesthetics.

Diagonal Dent - Ortodoncia
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Proper oral hygiene must always be performed, but this should be even more rigorous when wearing braces. When using retaining elements, food scraps are more easily deposited between the teeth, which contributes to the formation of cavities and/or inflammation of the gums by the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar in those elements.